30 March, 2012

Orthrus, two-headed monster... uh, Dodgers card

I first saw this card about two years ago on CheckOutMyCards.com.  But, it was not reasonably priced and then it disappeared from the site.  Whether someone purchased it or the seller realized how awesome the card was and decided to keep it, I know not.  Nevertheless, I finally have one!  It is also in way better condition than the one I previously tried to obtain.

Yes, indeed.  One card, two of my favorite Dodgers from when I was a kid.  1997 Stadium Club #CO7, dual autographs of Eric Karros and Raul Mondesi.

Upon close inspection the signatures themselves are not in perfect condition, but this card totally rules nonetheless.  So awesome!


  1. Wow, didn't know that one existed. Very nice.

  2. Never seen this before, nice pick up!. It's also on my want list now.

  3. Thanks, dudes. Such a weird card and hard to find. Hope y'all find them too!


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