27 March, 2012

Walk the plank, McCourts...

...as punishment for the excesses and insults you have perpetrated against common decency, the city of Los Angeles, and Dodger fans everywhere.  Too bad the asshole still made a profit.  Here's to better baseball days ahead!

2010-11 Certified, Magic Johnson patch, #'d 18/25.  Got this card a while back.  Might have posted it on the old "I'm Ballsy" blog.

Go Dodgers!


  1. Bye Bye McCourt!

    That's a nice Magic card. I'll be posting one tomorrow.

  2. McCourt is out!! He is scum. Magic's group of rich dudes will bring us some glory.

  3. @Dodgerbobble: And don't come back, McCourt! Sweet.

    @Spiegel: He's a Grade A rich douchebag. Here's to our future glory!


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