20 October, 2012

Orel Hershiser

On this date, 24 years ago, the Dodgers won their most recent World Series title against the Oakland A's.  Orel Hershiser had a hell of a season that year.  He won the Cy Young and World Series MVP awards, among several other accolades.  It took me a while to acquire an Orel Hershiser autograph card, but I think this one was well worth the wait.

2010 Panini Century Collection, Orel Hershiser prime patch auto, #'d 13/50.

What a photo!


  1. Painful memory... but damn that's a sexy looking card!

  2. Congrats on getting a Bulldog auto! I love that picture, BTW!

    1. Thanks. The photo of him is awesome!


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