16 September, 2013

Holy Grail Card: Reign Man

I've been a fan of Shawn Kemp since the 3rd grade, back when I used to collect all his cards.  Up until I started collecting sports cards again in 2009, the most I ever spent on a single card was one of Kemp.  I paid a whopping $10 for it on a playground.  I remember my Mom got me a Shawn Kemp #40 Sonics jersey for my birthday when I was a kid too.  I don't have the jersey anymore, I think, but it's still probably the coolest present I've ever received.  Even as a kid I wanted a Shawn Kemp signature, and now I own what is undoubtedly one of my all-time top-five "Holy Grail" cards:

2012-13 Leaf Metal Basketball, Shawn Kemp prismatic autograph, #'d 08/50.  Reign Man!  Original Lob City.

I spent a little over $20 for this card.  Hell, I would've gladly paid more than that to acquire a Shawn Kemp auto.  I'm happy that Leaf got him to sign though, because it was pretty tough to obtain Kemp's autograph cards at a reasonable price prior to this.  Now to get a Gary Payton autograph card to complete the awesome duo?

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