It Belongs in a Museum! (What I Collect)

What do I collect? Anything that strikes my fancy! However, that is probably too broad for trading purposes. Generally, this is what I like to collect:


Los Angeles / Brooklyn Dodgers
New York Yankees (old-timers)
Oakland A's (young guns)

Green Bay Packers

Los Angeles Kings

Los Angeles Galaxy

California Golden Bears (Go Bears!  Fuck Stanford!)

*Players / Athletes:
Joe DiMaggio
Rollie Fingers
Ryne Sandberg
Derek Jeter
Johnny Damon
Hideo Nomo
Hong-Chih Kuo
Taiwanese baseballers
ace pitchers

Aaron Rodgers
Arian Foster
Bernard Pierce
C.J. Spiller
Eric Decker
LeSean McCoy
Trent Richardson
running backs

Anze Kopitar

Steve Nash
Shawn Kemp
Basketballers from 1992 Dream Team

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