23 August, 2013

Zombie Wes Welker

I'm a great fan of the "GRITTY WHITE RECEIVER."  Wes Welker is perhaps the prime example of this archetype in football.  I recently picked up a Welker signature card that features a slightly unsettling portrait of the former-Patriot, now-Bronco:

2009 National Chicle, West Welker autograph card.  Sticker auto, but I'm happy to own this card nonetheless.

Apparently the artist decided to paint Welker as a zombie.  His skin tone in the portrait is slightly greenish, grayish, and ashen.  It's a bit creepy.  Zombie Wes Welker has come to feast upon human flesh!


  1. Welker is a good choice, but when I think "gritty white receiver" I instantly think of Wayne Chrebet.

    1. Ah yea, Wayne Chrebet is a good one! I guess I meant currently active GWR's. Haha


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