05 March, 2013

COMC Pickups

There was some confusion for me at the switch from CheckOutMyCards.com to COMC.com.  I was certainly unaware of any major differences at first.  Did this happen to anyone else?  I bought a few cards from CheckOutMyCards then switched to COMC for my second half of purchases.  To my dismay, I discovered that there are different shipping and handling costs associated with either site.  So, make sure you are using only one site or the other when making purchases!  You can't get the $3 flat rate shipping on COMC if you have items in your order from CheckOutMyCards.  I feel like COMC could have made more of an effort to communicate their changes to their customer base.  Or maybe I just ignored them.  That is entirely possible.  Here's what I got:

I love Flair cards!  If I get a job (ugh, taking forever), maybe that will be my new collecting project - making a Flair set or two.  This is a 1995 Flair #155, Mike Piazza.  Those are quite some faces you are making there, Mike.  I met Piazza not too long ago.

Here are two MMA (mixed martial arts for the uninitiated, though I can't imagine anyone not knowing about the sport by now) autographs.  On the left: 2012 UFC Finest of Dustin "The Diamond" Poirier.  On right: 2010 Leaf MMA base auto of Gabriel "Napão" Gonzaga.  Poirier, a Louisiana native, is one of my favorite up-and-coming fighters.  "The Diamond" has an excellent ground game and technical striking, and he just had a barnburner of a fight with Cub Swanson at UFC on Fuel TV: Barao vs. McDonald.  Gonzaga is a one-time UFC heavyweight championship contender.  "Napão" has been on a tear of late because he is finally using his considerable, world-class grappling skills to finish fights.

Jordan Hill!  He was doing a meet-and-greet and signing in Glendale this past Saturday.  I originally planned to attend, but I got lazy and just drank beer and played Halo 4 instead.  Besides, I already have these two autographs of him.  I would have missed out, yes, if Hill was like, "Arno, the Earth needs us, we must take my rocket ship to space and blast some fucking asteroids."  Then, yes, I would totally have driven to Glendale for that.  Top: 2009-10 Limited #157, Jordan Hill rookie jersey auto, #'d 80/299.  Bottom: 2009-10 Timeless Treasures #107, Jordan Hill rookie auto on white ball leather, #'d 240/299.

Left: 2007 Upper Deck Inkredible, Zach Miller autograph.  The Seahawks have underutilized Miller as a receiver, mostly using him as a blocker.  Right: 2010 Panini Ceritifed, Mirror Gold Signature rookie auto of Riley Cooper, #'d 03/25.  Cooper turned down the Phillies and Rangers at different times to play football.  We'll leave it at that.

On left: 2012 Chrome Purple Refractor rookie card of Wei-Yin Chen.  Chen had a nice season last year.  Also, his arm did not fall off nor did he have some other crazy injury that Taiwanese pitchers in the MLB tend to develop.  Here's hoping Chen stays tip-top!  Seriously, these Taiwanese pitchers are already beat up and damaged by the time they hit the bigs because they are likely being handled irresponsibly with a heavy workload when younger.  I can't tell if the purple and orange combination on this card is hideous or not.  I guess it works for the Phoenix Suns?  On right: 2011 Lineage 1952 Matt Harrison autograph.  Both of these dudes will probably end up on my fantasy baseball teams this season.

Finally, more Dodgers.  Left: 2011 Donruss Elite Extra Edition, Chris Reed prospect auto, #'d 103/500.  Reed is a top-five Dodgers prospect and the 16th overall selection in the 2011 draft.  He went to Stanford, which is a shitty, garbage school (fuck Stanford, go Bears), and should be at very least a serviceable starter in the future.  Right: 2012 Heritage Minors, Joc Pederson Real One Autograph.  Top-ten prospect Joc has a cool name and should be a serviceable outfielder in the future.  Fuck Stanford.

Not pictured are the Brandon Morrow rookie autograph card (I have been trying to get one to no avail for the past two years) and Scott Baker auto I bought because they were damaged and I returned them to COMC.  My only problem with some cards from COMC is that occasionally they have damage you can only see side-on and not in the scans.  That said, COMC does have great customer service and are always friendly and patient when I make crazy requests of them.

I also purchased the second to last card I needed to finally complete 2009 Allen & Ginter, an Aubrey Huff SP #349.  I only require the Jordan Schafer RC SP, #339, to finally complete that set.  You will be mine, Schafer card.  Your fate is inexorable!  So yea... let me know if you have it.  Cool beans.

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