26 February, 2012

I'm Ballsy! Is back!

Hi friends and fellow bloggers!

I've decided to stop not blogging.  I thank Josh from Dodgerbobble and Greg from Plaschke for encouraging me to get back to it.  My thoroughly unplanned hiatus came about through very excellent reasons, which I will not detail here - because it is sort of boring.

Some of you may have noticed my failed Tumblr experiment yesterday, which literally lasted less than a day.  Glad to be back to Blogger!  I should have some new posts up soon.  Hope you like the new design and font.  It might not look right on Google Chrome if you have ad-blockers on it.

My old I'm Ballsy blog is archived here: imballsyOG.blogspot.com.  There you will find a bunch of broken photo links and my cute guinea pigs.

Who's excited for baseball season?!

: )

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