22 June, 2012

My first booklet

For a period of time this year, between the end of January and middle of May, I had nothing to do.  Literally, nothing to do.  Or, at the very least, nothing of much import or urgency.  It was probably the first time in six years that I had some actual, serious downtime.  It was weird, and I'm not entirely sure whether I liked it or not.

So what did I do with that all that free time?  Not much, really.  I drank copious amounts of beer, played a large amount of video games, and started up this blog again.  Hell, I didn't even post that much.  Lazy bastard.  Well, now I'm back home in glorious Southern California and a package arrived the other day that reminded me of my favorite card shop, in a region of the state I called home for several years (and a place I will actively try to never move back to - sorry, Nor Cal, I just like it here):

Bilal Powell yellow printing plates from 2011 Panini Playbook, autograph-relic booklet, #'d 1 of 1.

I never thought I'd actually pull one of these things.  I guess I still haven't - technically speaking - because I pulled a redemption for this card instead at my old local card shop.  I like it though!

Here are some views of the booklet closed:

I couldn't tell you where "home" is.  Maybe some historical figures and philosophers, perhaps wiser than you or me, can do that.  At least the cards will always somehow find their way to us nerds.


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