13 May, 2013

Mail Forwarding

Man, it is a pain to manage multiple addresses.  It was easy to decide where to have my recent sports card purchases shipped though - to me!  These are some recent pickups:

 My main rule of buying prospect cards?  Get them for cheap!  I sure missed the boat on Matt Harvey and Shelby Miller, as I half-assedly tried to obtain their prospect autograph cards for the better part of two years.  Nevertheless, Wil Myers is a good one to have!  I like ITG products.

I was so pumped to have a job again (that is, money) that I went a little crazy.  Here's a graded Jurickson Profar prospect auto.  It is, indeed, a very nice card in very nice condition, Beckett grading be damned.  I'd consider busting this thing out and sending it to SGC purely out of spite.

So, how 'bout dem Dodgers?  Losing.


  1. I'm glad I got my 2010 Bowman Chrome Miguel Sano AU when I did. That sucker is getting close to hitting $100+.

    1. I bet! Good pickup when you did.


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