08 May, 2013

A Triumphant Return?

I'm back!  I guess.  I have barely been up here in northern California for a month and I've already had some incredible ups and downs in my personal and professional lives.  Maybe semi-regular crad blogging will signal a preliminary return to normalcy?  An awesome thing I should mention though - I just got back from a metal show at Slim's in San Francisco where I met James Hetfield of Metallica and shook his hand.  Very cool!  He was in a rush to get into a black SUV with tinted windows, so my friend Jake and I had no time to get a photograph with him.  Still, it was pretty awesome nonetheless.

For this, my first blog post after moving back to the SF Bay Area (boo), I have decided to post a holy grail card I very recently acquired:

2011 Panini Playoff National Treasures, Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl MVP on-leather autograph, #'d 15/27.  YEA!

Well, now I can stop collecting.  I (mostly) kid, though.  As we collectors are wont to do, I'll inevitably find something else of interest to collect.  Next up, an Aaron Rodgers rookie auto?  Also, the Dodgers are playing poorly.  At least Matt Kemp still finds a way to be awesome.



  1. Wow... that's one awesome autograph. That's just another example supporting the fact that sticker autographs don't have to be garbage. Just like UD had athletes sign swatches of baseballs for Sweet Spot, Panini is now on board with players signing on pieces of leather. Kudos to their design team.

    Now... let's get onto more important issues. What's your beef with living in the Bay Area? ;-)

    1. True, sticker autographs do not need to be garbage. I wonder how much testing they do on alternative materials like leather, so that they don't fade like 2007 Sweet Spot cards did.

      As far as Bay Area, I just prefer living in So Cal.

    2. Good point. Some materials aren't meant to be signed and those disappearing autos from UD Sweet Spot really sucked. I have several that are super faded... actually, by now they might be gone.

  2. that's a pretty awesome card...and that you met Mr. Hetfield.
    that's a double happiness moment.


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