14 November, 2012

Dan's Other World Crazy Group Break Haul: Part 2

Here is part two of my haul from Dan's The Other World big group break.  I forgot to mention in the last post that Dan has nice bumper stickers for his blog:

Thanks for the sticker, Dan!

Here are all my cards from the 2011 Leaf Valiant boxes, and my favorite one from 2007 Tristar Prospects Plus:

Sean Doolittle prospect autograph from 2007 Tristar Prospects Plus.  If you did not know, Doolittle is a converted relief pitcher for this year's surprising (to most people, at least) Oakland A's.  Very cool.  I was looking for a Sean Doolittle auto, and it was a pleasant surprise to get one in the group break.

You might have to click on this photo to enlarge it for a better look.  Very nice prospect/rookie signatures from 2011 Leaf Valiant.  From left to right: Francisco Lindor (shortstop, Indians #1 prospect), Travis Harrison (Twins), J.J. Hoover (Reds rookie, pitched well in the bigs this year), and Marcus Knecht (Blue Jays).

I really have to remember to take photos of new cards before I store them away.  One more post about Dan's group break to go!


  1. Your cards look so neat and organized in that box.

    1. Haha, yeah. I was a bit self-conscious about showing how organized I was, for some reason.


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