13 March, 2013

The Awesome, and Possibly Disgusting, Card I Pulled Today

I purchased a hobby box of 2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions with some of my tax return money.  I really like Goodwin Champions and I have pulled a monster hit out of it before.  After today, make that two big hits!

I pretty much did this when I pulled it from the pack.  So, I've already redeemed the Entomology card.  I hope it gets shipped to me soon, safely and undamaged.  I am also really hoping the card I receive does not contain a spider.  I truly dislike spiders.  Hell, I even detest butterflies.  Nevertheless, I'm sure it will look awesome!

Besides the Entomology Redemption, this box of Goodwin Champions was very good.  I managed to get four hits - a Matt Packer autograph (who?), Maryeve Dufault auto, Thurman Thomas jersey relic, and a Hakeem Olajuwon (The Dream!) jersey.


  1. So, you might say you "bugged" out! hahahahahaha....oh me oh my I kill me sometimes.

  2. Just read the "not intended for human consumption" part. Please don't eat it.

    Though, if you do, please record that and post it.

    1. The bugs probably taste better than the gum that sometimes comes with cards.

  3. Congratulations... one helluva box!


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