29 March, 2012

A trade with The Dimwit

I am super late in posting about my first ever trade with The Daily Dimwit.  You can see what I sent Sam here on his blog - two Delino DeShields Jr. autographs from 2011 Bowman Draft and 2011 Playoff Contenders.  Sam has a nice scan of the cards on his post.  I am stoked for what I got in the trade:

First up, a Jameson Taillon autograph from 2011 Bowman Platinum.  Sweet on-card signature.  This is my second Taillon auto.  Got high hopes for him!

I love old school Dodgers autographs.  2011 Lineage, Bobby Morgan.  More on-card sweetness.  Morgan played for the Dodgers in 1950 and 1952-53, and thus in the '52 and '53 World Series.

I pretty much hate Topps, but all these recent on card signatures are a good direction to take.  I especially like the 2011 Lineage old dude autograph cards.  Thanks, Sam!


  1. I REALLY like how the '11 BP certs look, even if the autos themselves are a bit shady.

    1. Yeah, regular ones aren't numbered. Wonder how many they had to sign. Also wonder when they'll start using an autograph machine like the POTUS does.


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