20 February, 2013

A Brief Meeting with Mike Piazza

Greg of Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle and I attended Mike Piazza's signing of his new autobiography, Long Shot, at the Vroman's Bookstore in downtown Pasadena today.

 #31 jerseys abound.

The whole experience, minus the line, felt rushed.  I managed to exchange a few pleasantries with Mike Piazza before I was swiftly ushered away to allow the next batch of fans to seek his autograph.  Still, I walked away with a feeling that the overall experience was very cool.  I met numerous current Dodgers players less than a month ago at Dodgers FanFest 2013, yet the brief book signing, photo op, and quick exchange of "thank you's" felt somehow more poignant to me.

 I like pictures of signs.  This sign is bossy.

Maybe it's not necessarily that I was starstruck, but perhaps it was the simple fact that it was Mike Piazza himself sitting there.  He wasn't some baseball player near my own age to whom I could more easily relate.  Hell, professional athletes are just mortals, right?  We're all pink on the inside or whatever.  It wasn't until after I left the queue that I finally realized, "Whoa, I grew up watching that dude play, rooting for him."  So, I guess that was the point when I understood just how grand and badass these players can seem to a kid - especially since I was apparently starstruck and in awe after all, if however briefly.

Here are some more photos from the event (unfortunately a few did not come out super sharp):

(More after the jump!)
I can not decipher Greg's expression here.  Piazza was affable and friendly.  There were several chubby security guards.

Yaaay!  That security guard behind me looks like he is either attached to me or bursting out of my back.  The xenomorphs have evolved.

My signed book and Greg's closed book.  Greg got a nice "31" inscription in his copy.  What's up with that?  I kid.  The autograph came out nice, clean, and sharp.

Zoom in for hilarity and/or anger at the state of published writing.

Mike chugging along, for the adoring public.

We missed some fellow Dodger bloggers this time!  While Greg and I were waiting in line, there was a large man in a Mets uniform behind us who I overheard asking his friend anxiously, "Oh man, what should I say to him?  I don't know.  I should think of something."  I suppose I was not the only person there a bit... starstruck.


  1. expression: a mixture of "oh hell yes it's warm in here" + "damn I'm hungry" + "oh shit we can take pictures with Mike I'm about to meet my childhood hero holy crap holy crap holy crap!"

    an awesome night good sir.

    1. Haha, that sums up the expression pretty well.

  2. So awesome! I'm glad you guys got him. Were there a lot of people there?

    1. YEA! There must have been at least 200-300 people in line.


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