22 February, 2013

Three Kings Autographs

The Los Angeles Kings are doing better recently!  I guess that's something.  I should really make it out to some games.  Here are some of my recently obtained Kings signature cards:

2007-08 Upper Deck ICE, Glacial Graphs of #11, Anze Kopitar.  This card is one of those clear acrylic deals, thus the white dummy card behind it to make the autograph easier to see.

 2012-13 Panini Certified, gold parallel Jordan Nolan auto, #'d 18/25.  Kid's a bruiser.  Nolan is one of several NHL players with Native American blood.  That makes me wonder how well represented Native Americans are in other popular professional sports like soccer, football, basketball, or baseball.

Anze again, from 2006-07 UD Ultimate Collection.  This card is my favorite of the three.  The signature is bright, sharp, and on card.  The team colors and design work well together.  The other two cards have clean designs, but are a bit rigid in comparison.

I enjoy hockey cards!  One could easily imagine that the smaller market for them - in comparison to baseball, for example - would make card manufacturers more prone to releasing products with inferior quality and lazy design.  That, luckily, does not seem to be the case.  Hockey cards (especially the hits) usually look amazing and do not lack for innovation.  Maybe companies can spend more time and energy on making higher quality, awesome-looking hockey products since they're not just churning out a bunch of shite like they do sometimes with baseball.


  1. I think with Upper Deck and Panini battling for the hockey market has made for some amazing products the past few years. The high end products are absolutely stunning and hockey patch cards are phenomenal.

    I wish there was a bit more of a product release this year, but with the lockout and such, I only made an effort at O-Pee-Chee and Artifacts.

    1. You're right - in this case competition does indeed breed better quality products. I wonder what the deal was with baseball before Topps got the monopoly. Seemed like companies were just trying to out-release the other. Monopolies and exclusives are not good for collectors, I think, nor for overall quality of product either.

      But yes, releases like UD The Cup cards are incredibly amazing to behold, and I absolutely adore hockey patch cards! The last hockey product I bought was... Panini Prime? I just don't buy as much wax as I used to - lack of extra cash and what not.


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