09 February, 2013


I believe in general that nicknames - at least the positive ones that act as terms of endearment or denote familiarity - are to be earned or given, not bestowed upon oneself.  Basically, someone else should dub you with the name you are effectively known by.  That does not mean, of course, that your nickname necessarily needs to be created by someone else.  It's just cooler when you don't tell people what you want to be nicknamed, right?

What about the nicknames that people don't like and don't want?  Gegard Mousasi, one of the top light-heavyweight mixed martial arts fighters in the world, hates his nickname:

The Dreamcatcher.

"The Dreamcatcher" is not a very badass nickname for one of the baddest dudes on the planet (or at the very least, in the sport of MMA).  I believe "Dreamcatcher" was also a sci-fi movie where toothy alien worms exploded out of people's butts.  But, what do you know, after all that and Leaf still decides to put that nickname on a sports card.  Mousasi still autographed the card, but I doubt he was ecstatic about it.  He was likely getting paid to sign anyway.

I've had some pretty good nicknames before: Fish, Robot, and Dr. No.  I've had some less good ones too, like Four-Eyes or Nerd.  Kids are jerks.  Stating the obvious here, but many sports card and memorabilia bloggers are often known by their internet nicknames as well.  Some are better and more well-earned than others, some are just usernames, and some are a result of simply not knowing a blogger's real name.  What are some of your favorite or least favorite sports nicknames?  How about positive or negative personal nicknames?

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