23 April, 2012

Cut cut cut

Cut signature, that is.

2011 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts, Carl Furillo cut auto, #'d 4/8.  We haven't forgotten about you, Carl!  Now why'd they have to go and chop off part of the "C" though?

How 'bout that trouncing we got yesterday from the Astros?  Ow.  Too painful.  I had to go watch Detroit vs. Texas and Kansas City vs. Toronto instead.  Yankees-Rangers starts in five!


  1. Sweet auto! Did you pull this one from a box? Nice bounce-back win from our boys in blue tonight!

    1. 'Twas a good win, indeed. Nah, I got this off eBay for under $50. I don't think I'd ever buy a box of '11 SP Legendary Cuts. Way too pricey! Good autos, though.


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