13 January, 2013

Ballsy Trade Bait

I finally uploaded some photos of cards I have up for trade.  I will add more soon.  You can now find my trade bait here.

Hopefully my photos are not too difficult to navigate and browse.  I've found Photobucket to be a bit slow in the past too.  I decided to take pictures of my trade bait in bulk, instead of scanning or photographing individual cards.  I do this because I have a high turnaround rate for the cards I do not keep in my collection - either from trading them away or selling them off.  So, please keep in mind that some of my displayed trade bait cards may suddenly become unavailable if I decide to sell them.  I will do my best to keep up-to-date and note what cards are not available in the photo descriptions.  Also keep in mind that, as I am currently unemployed and sometimes need to sell off cards quickly, I can not reserve or save certain trade bait cards for long periods of time.

Looking forward to maybe trading with some of you fine blogging fellows!  If you see a card you want to trade for or want more information about, please feel free to email or ping me (contact info in Blogger profile).

Go!: I'm Ballsy's trade bait

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  1. I can use that Putz A&G mini if it's available. Just let me know what I can get for you in return.


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