05 January, 2013

Patches, Patches for Me

I hope everyone is having a nice new year!  It feels about the same 'ol for me, unfortunately.  Anyway, I went up north to visit my sister during Christmas.  I had some free time during the holiday festivities to visit my old stomping grounds in the Peninsula, specifically my favorite card shop - What's On Second in San Mateo, CA - owned by my good friend Jordan.  I picked up some football cards while I was there.  Here is my favorite one:

From 2012 Panini Prestige Football: Team Foundations, Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy dual prime patch card, #d 15/49.

Back.  Though I do not like the Philadelphia Eagles as a team themselves, I do enjoy watching some of their individual players perform.  Not Michael Vick though.  Vick is a piece of shit.

I know the legitimacy of card relics has been called into question lately, but I still do enjoy the aesthetics of patch cards - more so than plain old jersey swatch cards.  NFL Wildcard playoffs are starting soon!


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