27 November, 2013

New Trade Bait

I've posted some new trade bait!  You can also find a link to my gallery of cards for trade on the right side of my blog per usual.  Oddly, all my old trade bait photos got deleted from Photobucket.  Do they delete your photos after a period of inactivity?  I'll keep adding more stuff.

I got laid off recently, so I have more time to pay attention to sports cards and my poor, ignored card blog while I plan my next moves.  My roommate also got me back into playing Magic: the Gathering after about a 15 year hiatus.  That's been a time and fund drain, though one I pay gladly, because MTG is fun!

My last post occurred during the Dodgers vs. Braves NLDS.  Now that was awesome.  I don't have to explain how the Dodgers' postseason went after that, but I'm definitely excited for the coming season!  Funny that I was hoping for a Dodgers vs. Tigers World Series (one team I love, one I generally like), and it ended up being the Red Sox vs. Cardinals (two teams I generally quite despise).

Have a happy Thanksgiving holiday, everyone!

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  1. Hey Arno! May you set aside that LoDuca auto for me? I will dig up something nice to send your way. Thanks!


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