20 March, 2013

Check out my new blog: "Worst Fantasy Sports Trades"

After receiving several ridiculously bad trade offers in fantasy baseball recently, I decided to create a blog to share the best of the worst fantasy trades with everyone.

So, please to check out Worst Fantasy Sports Trades on Tumblr.  Also, if you'd like to share some awful trades of your own, please feel free to send me a screenshot.  I would love to feature them on my new blog!


  1. Got this one today:

    Trevor Bauer
    Michael Young


    Jarrod Parker

    Young has pretty much zero value asa 3B right now, and I habe Brett Lawrie and Manny Machado.

    1. I hate quantity over quality type trades.

  2. A few years back I sent Roman Hamerlik for Martin St.Louis.


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