17 March, 2013

Happy St. Paddy's!

I sort of celebrated St. Patrick's Day yesterday.  I definitely have not been partying today.  In fact, I have to make a same-day, roundtrip flight to San Francisco and back tomorrow.  I usually make the mistake of drinking too much booze the night before I travel.  Being super hungover on an airplane is one of the worst things ever.

A few months ago I opened up two boxes of 2012 Leaf Memories Baseball.  It is an awesome product.  From one of those hobby boxes, I pulled an on-card autograph of one of the greatest Irish-American baseball players (and, well, I guess one of the greatest American ballplayers in general for that matter):

This Texan is #'d 32/34.

Yipee-ki-yay!  A high quality photo looks much better than a supposedly HD video box break, no?

By the way, I have a bunch of cards up for sale on EBAY this week.  Also.


  1. What a sweet hit - can't go wrong with a Ryan auto.

  2. Wow! That is big time. I am surprised that you would be sober enough to type this evening.


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