11 March, 2013

Two Morrows

After many tries to acquire a Brandon Morrow rookie or prospect autograph card, I have finally obtained one!  Well, two actually:

2006 Tristar Prospects Plus, Farm Hands Brandon Morrow signatures.  The one on top is a gold version, #'d 02/25.

As you can probably see, I was overzealous when bidding on these two cards.  My perseverance paid off two-fold.  Morrow is a good pitcher, with high heat and strikeouts, though if he could only stay healthy...


  1. As a Blue Jays fan - and hugh Morrow supporter - I feel like he should be the Opening Day starter for the Jays. One of the best pitchers in the Bigs right now, and pitched one of the greatest game in baseball history (statistically) of all time against the Rays.

  2. Yea man, he should totally be the Opening Day starter - he's been in Toronto for 3+ years and is boss. That 17 K game was insane. Seems like the Rays are always on the receiving end of awesome pitching performances eh? Anyway, I am definitely picking Morrow up if I can in my fantasy leagues! (Always try to, every year.)


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