21 March, 2013

My Get from a 2012 Triple Threads Baseball Group Case Break

I participated in a group case break of 2012 Triple Threads Baseball last week at Rip Kings.  There were 9 boxes in the case.  I had a $5 credit from Rip Kings toward a break and saw that a few good teams (well, "good" in terms of box breaking) were available at a reasonable price, so I purchased the Kansas City Royals team slot.  The Royals are like a fifth team I root for, and they have some decent players and hits in the product.  I was hoping to score a George Brett autograph.  I did not get one, but I think I still did quite well for myself:

Hey, still managed to get some sort of George Brett card!  What do they call this, a sepia parallel?  Brown?  Not an especially aesthetically-pleasing color combination here.  Looks like a big dust storm is about to engulf the Hall of Famer, Brett.

Country Breakfast!  Sweet.  Billy Butler auto-relic, #'d 2/9.  The blue ink on the sticker is a bit imperfect for some reason.  Maybe the pen Butler used was drying up.

Cool beans.


  1. That Billy Butler card is awesome!

    And I'm sure I'm the first person to ever say that phrase.

    1. Haha. You just might be the first. Billy gets no love.

  2. Every time I see anything George Brett, I think of that video of him talking about, umm, "soiling" his pants in an elevator at Spring Training.

    And it makes me love him even more.

    1. Haha. The background of the card makes it look like he did, indeed, soil himself.


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