06 March, 2013

Los Angeles Catchers

Here are your two Dodgers catchers for this season:

Yaaay!  On the left: 2012 Update, Golden Moments, A.J. Ellis autograph.  On the right: 2011 Heritage Minors, Tim Federowicz auto, #'d 210/861.

I tried to acquire the Ellis signature the moment I realized it existed.  It took a long while, but I have obtained one!  Now I jealously hoard it away, as I return to Valhalla, to slumber and feed.  (Bonus points if you guess that reference.)  Tim-Fed's mustache makes him look kind of creepy, but I'm really just sullen and vexed because I can not grow one of my own.  Super catcher team, go!  Go Dodgers!

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